Representatives of Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine visited the company’s adopted animals at the Kuznetsk Alatau Ecological Center

Feb. 2, 2021
Representatives of Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine visited the company’s adopted animals at the Kuznetsk Alatau Ecological Center

The company supports a roe deer family as part of the center’s ‘Love and Care’ program

Company representatives made sure their wards – Rogalik, Kosulka, and their fawn Kir – are feeling great and safely weathering the harsh Siberian winter. The father and son currently live in one enclosure, and the mother in another, but the mother and son will soon change places so that Rogalik and Kosulka can prepare for the birth of new offspring.

The animals’ diet consists of the branches of herbaceous trees and shrubs, as well as oats, barley, cabbage, and carrots. And sometimes, as a treat, they get apples. Treating the wards to their favorite fruit, Andrey Borshchevich, General Director of Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine, noted: “The line ‘We are responsible for those who have been tamed’ from Exupéry’s novel The Little Prince has become common wisdom. And this applies not only to domestic animals, but to wild ones as well. Humans are the most intelligent beings on the planet, so they must take care of others. We understand that the roe deer family would not survive in the wild, and we need to make sure that the animals feel as comfortable as possible at the ecological center.”

Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine is sponsoring the roe deer family for the third year. A sum of 180,000 rubles is allocated annually to buy animal feed, provide care for the animals, and pay for regular veterinary examinations. According to Alexey Vasilchenko, the director of the Kuznetsky Alatau Nature Preserve, the company was one of the first to offer to become a guardian for animals living at the ecological center. 

“We are very happy that the animals are supported and helped in every possible way. Three years ago, caring people found Rogalik and Kosulka in a wounded state and brought them to us. Our employees nursed the animals back to health, and the help from Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine was very useful. Soon, the roe deer got stronger and were able to produce offspring, and so Kir was born. We thank the company for its concern,” he said.

The regular assistance that the Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine provides to the Kuznetsky Alatau Ecological Center is not limited to supporting the roe deer family. Last year, the company financed the creation of a traditional Shor hunting lodge, where you can get acquainted with the life of the indigenous people of Kuzbass. The company will also help organize traditional ethnic holidays at the preserve.