Social partnership

Social partnership

Participation in Developing the Region

The Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine concludes agreements on socio-economic cooperation with Myski’s local government every year. As part of those agreements, the company finances the development of urban areas and the renovation of sports, social, educational, and recreational facilities. The renovation of the Olymp sports and recreation complex, which is the oldest in Myski and had not been repaired for 44 years, can rightfully be considered the company’s most significant undertaking in this sphere. It has also renovated the Mercury sports complex, School No. 3, the Gennady Neunyvakhin Center for Creative Development and Humanitarian Education, the city library, the Yubileyny Palace of Culture, and much more. Thanks to the Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine, sports and entertainment venues in the villages of Tetenza, Borodino and Chuvashka, as well as many other facilities in Myski, have been renovated or built from scratch.

In 2024, the Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine signed an agreement with the government of Kuzbass on implementing social, industrial, and financial programs that contribute to the integrated development of the Kemerovo Region. In accordance with those agreements, the company will allocate an impressive amount to finance socially significant activities.
In July of 2021, Kuzbass celebrated a milestone date – the 300th anniversary of the region. To mark this auspicious occasion, festive events were held throughout the region, and on the last day of the celebrations, gala concerts were held in cities and neighborhoods with the participation of local creative teams and visiting artists. The group Gorod 312 performed in Myski’s main square, with expenses for putting on the concert borne by the Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine.
For several years now, the Kiyzassky Open-Pit mine has been an unofficial sponsor of the Myskovsky Boarding House for Children with Mental Disabilities. In 2023, the company helped renovate its physical therapy room and purchased new exercise equipment for it, including a ladder wall, a treadmill, stationary bicycles, etc. Physical therapy helps children physically develop, and also normalizes their psycho-emotional state. In 2022, a salt cave was installed at the boarding school, as visiting it reduces the frequency of colds in children. And in 2021, a facility that prepares children for household life was set up at the institution, consisting of a room with a stove, a washing machine, an ironing board, and everything necessary to acquire everyday skills. Thanks to classes here, the boarding school students have learned to be more self-sufficient: to prepare food, do laundry, and receive guests. In the spring of 2024, the Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine helped the institution organize a sports festival at the Olymp sports complex and presented it with three new LCD TVs at the closing ceremony.
Another area where the Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine renders social assistance to the region is in providing heating coal. As of today, the Kiyzassky Mine is the only enterprise supplying coal to the city of Myski. The company provides free coal to low-income citizens, retirees, mothers with many children, and people in difficult life situations. In order to make it more affordable to heat private homes and apartment buildings, the company also ships coal to housing and community utility services at prices lower than those set by the Kuzbass Regional Energy Commission. The Kiyzassky Mine has now supplied Kuzbass with charity and social coal for nine years in a row, shipping almost 400,000 tonnes.


Support for the Shors – a small ethnic group indigenous to Kuzbass

In the Myskovsky Urban District where the enterprise operates, there is a small ethnic group indigenous to Kuzbass – the Shors. The Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine has a program that provides this people with multilateral support. The mine began operations in 2014, and by 2015, had already signed an agreement with the Mountain Shoria Development charity foundation on mutual cooperation in developing places where the Shors traditionally dwell in the Myskovsky Urban District. And, in December of 2018, the Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine signed a four-year agreement with Shoria, a regional public association of the Shor people in Kemerovo Region.


Projects with shor associations

Development of the Ene Tag spiritual center

In 2013, the Ene Tag (Mother Mountain) center of spiritual culture was opened in the village of Chuvashka, where visitors can learn about the customs, household activities, and way of life of the ancient Shors. It was built through the efforts of the Shoria movement in order to preserve and revive Shor culture. One of its special features is a furnace in which metal is smelted using ancient technology.

The Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine has played an important role in further developing the Ene Tag center. For example, thanks to the company’s help, an old-style Shor settlement opened there in 2021, which includes a traditional home with a wood-burning stove, a blacksmith shop, a summer porch, and outbuildings. All the household items had been handed down to local residents, who donated them to the spiritual center. Ethnographers were involved in recreating the hut.

Publication of Shor language textbooks for primary schools

At the initiative of the Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine, a project was launched in 2020 to publish a line of Shor language textbooks for primary schools. With financing from the company, textbooks conforming to Federal State Educational Standards were developed by the St. Petersburg branch of the Enlightenment publishing house, which specializes in publishing textbooks for indigenous peoples. The team that created the books was headed by a well-known linguist and teacher from the region, Elena Tchaikovsky, who is also a representative of the Shor people.

The Shor Tili primer was published in 2020, and textbooks for grades 2-4 came out in 2021-2023. A textbook for 5th graders is being prepared for publication in 2024.

“The publication of this textbook is a special milestone in the history of education and teaching the native language,” the Shoria association confirmed.

Public Amenities and Culture

The Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine helped solve another problem of the Shors – it created recreation areas for children in small towns. As part of the improvement projects, sports and entertainment venues in the villages of Tetenza, Borodino and Chuvashka have been renovated or built from scratch. Now, Shor kids have a place to kick a ball and play sports, and adults have a place where they can organize cultural events. 

This will also be helped by the Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine, which regularly finances indigenous events, including the annual Tomazak Payram holiday and the presentation of the Shapkai Award, during which people and public organizations that have made a significant contribution to the development and preservation of Shor culture are awarded.

Work on preserving Shor culture is carried out in various areas, sometimes in unexpected ones: in 2022, costumes for the Otchagash ensemble were purchased at the expense of the enterprise, and in 2023, it financed the release of a musical collection of Shor songs recorded by the group.

New Life

By decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, 2024 was declared the ‘Year of the Family’. 

In this regard, the Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine has launched the New Life project. As part of this endeavor, the company gives the family of every newborn Shor child in Myski a gift set consisting of 33 items, which contains everything necessary for the first months of life.