Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine Launches ‘New Life’ project

March 6, 2024
Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine Launches ‘New Life’ project

In light of the ‘Year of the Family’ announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine has launched a project dubbed ‘New Life’.

As part of the project, the company will give the family of every Shor child born in Myski in 2024, a gift set consisting of 33 items, which contains everything necessary for the first months of life, from clothes and diapers to dishes and toys.

The Shors are a small ethnic group indigenous to the Kemerovo Region whose people have been supported by the Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine since its foundation in 2018. To be eligible to receive a gift set, one of the newborn’s parents must be of Shor origin.

The first child, whose family was presented with a New Life gift set, was a baby girl named Polina, who was born into the family of Maxim and Irina Tokmagashev. The young couple was recently married and soon after received the happy news that they would become parents.

Representatives of the Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine congratulated the Tokmagashevs in a festive atmosphere and wished Polina health and happiness, and her family – prosperity.