Open-Pit Mine Kiyzassky and the Association “Shoria” signed a cooperation agreement

Dec. 1, 2018
Open-Pit Mine Kiyzassky and the Association “Shoria” signed a cooperation agreement

Nikolay Zarubin, General Director of Open-Pit Mine Kiyzassky, and Nikita Shulbaev, President of the Association of the Shor People “Shoria”, a Kemerovo Regional Public Organization, signed a cooperation agreement for the period 2018-2021.

The total funds allocated by the company under the agreement will make 2 million rubles. The funds will be spent on all programs of the Association. The first tranche of 500,000 rubles will be disbursed in 2018.

Some Shors live in the territory of the Myski urban district. Open-Pit Mine Kiyzassky has supported the indigenous minority of the Shors  through the “Mountain Shoria Development” Charitable Foundation since 2015. The company finances national holidays and programmes to support the Shor language. Razrez Kiyzassky financed the renovation of School No. 10 in the village of Borodino, built a sports ground in the area of ​​Krasny Yar and the Shors spiritual center Ene Tag. Now the Shors are supported by the company on the regional level.

According to Nikolay Zarubin, Open-Pit Mine Kiyzassky respects the Shors, their customs and traditions. “From the very first day of work, we promptly respond to their requests for help. I want to thank the company shareholders for the support of our initiatives aimed at creating comfortable living conditions in Myski. I am grateful to the Association of indigenous people for their approach to work. The Association prepared a programme of activities and we decided to allocate funds for its implementation.”

“I am very grateful to Nikolay Yuryevich and the company management for social commitment. They understand our problems and help to solve them,” said Nikita Shulbaev, Head of the Association.