Sibanthracite Expands its Fleet of Eco-Friendly Equipment

Nov. 2, 2023
Sibanthracite Expands its Fleet of Eco-Friendly Equipment

A new EKG-12K electric excavator produced by Russian IZ-KARTEX, part of the UZTM-KARTEX Management Company, has been put into operation at the Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine. Counting this machine, the company will have three similar excavators working at the site, the first of which began mining coal in August of 2023.

The domestically made EKG-12K is a modern and technologically advanced excavator 15.4 meters in height, weighing 430 tons, with a bucket volume of 12 m3.

In conjunction with heavy-duty dump trucks, the excavator ensures that mining operations are efficient, which reduces the cost of excavating rock mass by up to 20% compared to imported diesel analogues

The EKG-12K is equipped with an advanced control system that makes it possible to fully control the operation of the excavator’s main driving motors and equipment, which improves efficiency and safety.

“The company has developed a multipronged approach to environmental issues. An important part of this are measures to reduce emissions of toxic substances into the atmosphere. The launch of electric excavators fully fits into the logic of achieving the goals of the program,” says Irina Blok, the Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine’s chief ecologist.