Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine Produces 70 Millionth Tonne of Coal

Feb. 29, 2024
Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine Produces 70 Millionth Tonne of Coal

Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine met the year with a new production milestone — its 70-millionth ton of coal was mined. The company has achieved these extraordinary results less than nine years since the mine began operating.

The Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine is one of the most dynamically developing enterprises in Kuzbass. Production at the mine was launched at the end of 2014 and quickly began to produce large quantities of coal on a consistent basis.

According to Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine’s General Director, Igor Osadchy, the company’s success is the result of skillful management and a strong team:

“Our company is the largest in the Myskovsky Urban District.  We see that we can positively influence the area’s economic development by creating new jobs, contributing tax revenue to various levels of government, and improving social infrastructure. It is very important that the Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine continues to develop and improve its production performance, as this will increase its positive impact on the country’s economy and the local population’s standard of living. The production of 70 million tonnes over 10 years well demonstrates the stability of the company’s growth.”

An important feature of the mine’s operations is the key attention paid to ecology. The company implements a comprehensive environmental protection program that includes protecting bodies of water, reducing emissions, improving its waste management system, and conserving and restoring nearby forests.

For this purpose, a noise-suppressing screen has been installed at the coal loading railway station, where mobile dust suppression units are also in constant operation, and a unique system has been installed that reduces dust levels when coal is being loaded into the wagons. In addition, the mine uses polymer mesh to increase the stability of its slagheaps. The Kiyzassky Open-Pit Mine is also continuously expanding its fleet of eco-friendly equipment, including new electric excavators and hybrid dump trucks.

Besides this, comprehensive support is provided to the Shors – a small ethnic group indigenous to Kuzbass. Funding is allocated to this people to preserve their culture and language, while schools, sports centers, libraries, and public spaces are regularly renovated in Myski. The company maintains constant dialogue with local authorities and residents and responds to requests for help. A lot has been done in the nearly 10 years the mine has been in operation, and the company does not plan to stop here.